Emilyrose & Stephen

I remember talking to a sweet friend while I was working out at the Y many years ago. The topic…our daughters. Both had similar names and we both had a heart to see them desire God’s best for their lives. Over the years I’ve had the opportunity to watch as pieces of the quilt have […]

Oh, the joy of Me!

I don’t know if you’ve watched Peter Pan lately…or not. We usually pull it out once or twice a year and love it! A friend and I talked about doing a session with her son. I had gotten to know them over the course of my daughter’s basketball season and thought this little guy was […]

A Visit With A Friend

Ethan was the first guy brave enough to let a mom of 4 girls shoot a session for his portfolio. He has done really well since that first session several years ago…that might be a bit of an understatement! We had a great afternoon in downtown Greenville getting a few shots to update his portfolio. […]

Twist and Tweak…makin’ it work!

There is so much talk in the photography world about finding your “brand” and knowing your style. Over the past months several clients as well as my family have all used the terms “reality with a touch of dreaminess”. I think that pretty much sums up Beyond Beauty Photography. This past week I had a […]

Nicole ~ Senior 2011

    I have had the opportunity to meet and get to know some of Nicole’s family, so it was no surprise to me that Nicole was full of life and beauty! She has a way of making everyone around her at ease! She also shares one of my passions – she loves to read!! […]

Samantha ~ Senior 2011

I’m coming down to my last Senior session for the class of 2011 :(.  They have been such a fun bunch to work with. Saturday was a beautiful day with two wonderful Seniors from Easley Christian School.  Samantha is one of the quietest seniors I have photographed this year…and she is a cheerleader! Here are […]

The Joy of Beholding

The greatest joy of a parent is beholding. Beholding each step of the journey as your children become who God lovingly created them to be. You love them as babies. You laugh at their antics through their toddler years. You talk, laugh, and cry with them through those awkward stages. You talk to yourself  at times trying  […]

Nick ~ Senior 2011

I remember shooting the JR/SR for Easley Christian this past spring and meeting a young man who made a lasting impression on me…then! Photographers tend to remember people who enjoy life and help others around them enjoy it as well. I believe my first memory of Nick has something to do with Ostrich feathers and […]

Jared…Senior 2011

How amazing would it be to travel overseas and play soccer between your JR and SR year in High School? No more amazing than the character I’ve seen emerging as I’ve gotten to know this young man through a series of photo sessions. I’ve typed and erased several lines as I’ve tried to put into […]

Grace Anne ~ Senior Year

This past Friday Mariah and I spent several hours on one of our first HOT days of Autumn with a wonderful, sweet friend who is coming to the end of her high school days. SENIOR YEAR  Despite the humidity and the having to fight an ever-present glow as a result from our “cool” temps, Grace Anne […]

Tea Party At The Horse Barn…Fun Times!

I’ve hosted many tea parties and been to several very unique ones over the years. But Sara’s birthday tea, held at Mounted Ministries was the first time I’ve ever had tea at a horse barn…and it was a wonderful experience. The girls started the afternoon by grooming and getting to know the horses that they […]

“A Love Worth Waiting For!”

Good Morning! I hope your week is starting out great! I have a busy one lined up so I’m lovin’ starting my blogging week talking about… love.    Many of you met the Beggs family last week. A year ago this past Saturday their oldest daughter, Lyndsie, married the man of her dreams, Daniel Brooker.    Some […]

Carefree Days

Remember what it was like to run around in your bare feet (honestly, I still do on most days!), to play dolls, make mud pies, and soup from leaves and berries? I remember so clearly picking flowers in a field next to my grandparent’s home as a child. As I watched Ellyn frolic, I thought […]

The Beauty Of Faithfulness

My heart is with the family. Matthew and I are asked to do quite a bit of marriage counseling – and I have to tell you it is heart breaking to see what is happening to our families. BUT this weekend was all about celebrating the blessing of faithfulness and FAMILY – lots of family […]

APC ~ Day 4…Flowers

Before I begin my nice flower post  I have to tell you the bears are back in town! We woke  this morning to find our trash cans, with indentations, located up the hill near the woods. We won’t talk about the trash strewn all over the side of the hill. Then, on our way to pick up the girls […]

APC ~ Day 3…Bokeh

A. B. C. D… Aperture    Bokeh       Certain          Delight! Okay, I’m going to get a little goofy posting every day. Bokeh is so much fun to play around with – really! Just search Pinterst for the number of Bokeh DIY filter tutorials and you’ll see that there are many folks having fun with […]

APC – Day 2…Sunset

I suppose everyone dreams of something we don’t have. I love shooting sunsets at the beach. I am really wanting to shoot reflections in water. And on my list goes. When I made out the list for the APC I looked at several different list, thought of some pictures I wanted, and started typing. Then […]

APC ~ Day 1…Profile

APC, initials are so much nicer than spelling out the whole kit and caboodle.  Anywho – I love photography, I love pictures, but I have a very busy life. So while I want to shoot every day in August, I’m not going to take a lot of time on these post – or finding just the […]

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