APC – Day 2…Sunset

I suppose everyone dreams of something we don’t have. I love shooting sunsets at the beach. I am really wanting to shoot reflections in water. And on my list goes.

When I made out the list for the APC I looked at several different list, thought of some pictures I wanted, and started typing. Then Monday night I started to panic – honestly, remembering the last time I tried to get a sunset picture in the mountains. We see beautiful sunsets here – on the road, where the trees have been cleared. Not exactly a safe place to take a picture.

Several years ago when we hosted sunsets as one of our month-long projects, we made lasting memories as a family chasing the elusive sunset. It wasn’t much better last night.

We darted out of Wal-Mart at 8:17 p.m. knowing sunset was at 8:33 p.m. I had planned to catch it in Easley over the train tracks…like I did last FALL.  Think again Sheila – it’s a different season – different location of sunset.

Here is my first attempt in Easley – with a train blaring its horn as I stood on the other side of the tracks.

While I like the sunflare, I’ve learned that with sunsets the color comes long after the sun has set. So with a car full of girls and groceries, we headed toward the color.

Driving down Hwy. 8, trying to find a good view and an available place to pull off, driving behind folks who don’t know what it is to chase a sunset (they’re actually enjoying the beautiful colors in front of them), and trying to be patient at stop lights – oh the joys of photography!

We found a spot!!

I should have been content – right? I had two decent pictures of the sunset. But there was still so much color in the sky – and we were driving toward it. This can really become addictive!

I would tell you the girls were concerned – but they’ve seen this kind of behavior before (sorry to say, it won’t be the last) so they knew to hold on for the ride. Thankfully, our next stop was the road leading to our home! We all enjoyed the fading color as night-time crept over South Carolina’s beautiful mountains.



Love my Creator’s artwork. I’ve said it before, but it’s worth repeating, photography has made me so much more aware of light, colors, and beauty.

Tomorrow is bokeh – blurred light. Sometimes my mind feels like that. Anyone else?

Enjoy your sunsets with people you love!


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