Carnival…A Night to Remember with ECS

Uptown ~ Downtown….Greenville that is!

We were honored to be a part of this year’s Junior Senior Formal at The Westin Poinsett.  There is so much to say about this beautiful hotel. As one of the staff told me at some point during the evening, the restoration of The Westin was one of the cornerstones of revitalization of Downtown Greenville.

A gentle rain shower, street lights, lights in the trees, and warm breezes set the stage for a memorable night. Added to those were great friendships, lots of laughter, thoughtful planning by teachers and students, and a yummy meal served by a super friendly staff!

So, without chatting further, here are a few pics from their night.

Formal, yes…stuffy – NO!

Almost makes you think you’ve stepped back in time.

I was so impressed with the creativity that went into this years Junior Senior! Juniors, you did a great job and invested quite a bit of work into making this night very memorable! Seniors, it’s been so good getting to know you guys.

While the Westin gives you the idea of days gone by, I am so excited for the days ahead of this Senior class. I echo what Pastor Bo said to you…go the second mile. The world has yet to see!


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