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APC ~ Day 3…Bokeh

A. B. C. D… Aperture    Bokeh       Certain          Delight! Okay, I’m going to get a little goofy posting every day. Bokeh is so much fun to play around with – really! Just search Pinterst for the number of Bokeh DIY filter tutorials and you’ll see that there are many folks having fun with […]

It’s a Birds Life

Last year a friend invited me over to photograph hundreds of tiny hummingbirds in the fall of the year. This year my Senior in college is taking ornithology to fill out her requirements for graduation. So we’ve kinda had birds on the brain!! I enjoy watching them fly in and out of the bird feeder […]

Bits-n-Pieces Week…5 :)

Week before last was really a week of bits-n-pieces! I took a lot of pictures but most were of Allstate weekend. This week I tried to find signs of Spring! They are actually out there – my rose bushes have buds on them, as well as a few other little shoots coming up out of the ground. […]