APC ~ Day 3…Bokeh

A. B. C. D…





Okay, I’m going to get a little goofy posting every day. Bokeh is so much fun to play around with – really! Just search Pinterst for the number of Bokeh DIY filter tutorials and you’ll see that there are many folks having fun with Bokeh.

While I like the filters, and stayed up way to late last Christmas trying to get those hearts just right, I prefer the lovely lights found in nature or that are natural to a scene.

 Elena from EW Couture Collection inspired me to try it last year. Here is my Christmas attempt.

shaped bokeh

Bokeh takes place when you are using a shallow depth of field, resulting in a blurred background – whatever the background may be.

In trying to  capture a water drop earlier this year I also captured really pretty bokeh from a metallic gift bag I used as my backdrop.

As I said before, I love to see light in trees turned into “special light” through the use of a shallow DOF.  Which brings us to the photography challenge for today!

You can tell by the angle of the above photos that I was on the grass with the bugs trying to get some light. I got more than my share of bites…nasty little creatures. But I digress, I shot these pictures at different aperture settings so that you would get a feel for the difference in DOF. The first picture was set at f/2.8. The second picture setting was f/5. Below, is a not so pretty picture, but it was taken at f/10.

You see more detail all the way around – the picture is too busy and distracting. A little blurr is good! You know the saying…if it’s not bokeh…okay I’ll stop. I need to clip a few coupons, wash a few dishes, and find another flower. Where there is a flower picture waiting to be taken, there is also BOKEH!!

Enjoy the Light today.


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