APC ~ Day 1…Profile

APC, initials are so much nicer than spelling out the whole kit and caboodle.  Anywho –

I love photography, I love pictures, but I have a very busy life. So while I want to shoot every day in August, I’m not going to take a lot of time on these post – or finding just the perfect picture. I do want to add some creativity and learn …ahhh the balance of it all!

I saw a pose of Marilyn Monroe and loved the lighting. I decided that I wanted to try to imitate that type of focused lighting for my profile picture.

While I own a photography business, I have not invested in a lot of extra photography gear. I needed a snoot – something to direct the light from my OFC (off camera flash) toward my subject – Grace.

In steps creativity!

I used a black piece of construction paper, aluminum foil, tape – that’s it. It worked!!

not too pretty – but it got the job done 🙂

I set up a  simple black backdrop in a room with one window giving additional light. A family member helped with the OFC – getting just the right angle and distance. Annnd – here is what we came away with….

My sweet baby – she’s such a doll – and so much fun to photograph!

I think I’ll use my homemade snoot (or whatever you’d like to call it) again – I’d love to have four similar square canvas photos of the girls.

See you tomorrow w/ a sunset!


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