~Aug. ’09

Catch Lights ~

I love faces – up close and fill the screen!! Eyes are so fascinating to me! I know…if you’ve read any of my blog, FB, or website, you’ve probably gathered that by now!

I remember coming home my Jr. year from college determined to really know what my families eyes looked like. From that time on – I look – really look at a persons eyes!

Catch lights are those beautiful lights that you often see in a person’s eyes in a photograph. There are many ways to get a catch light.

You can use elaborate equipment – which most of us don’t have…so on to plan B!

Last month’s tip was a little detailed – this month’s tip is going to be just the opposite – very simple.

One of the easiest way to get great catch lights to show up in a person’s eyes, or for that matter an animal ( I just got the reflection of the sun in a horse’s eye) is to have them facing toward a reflective light.

Let me explain. In the picture to the side, Emily and Brynn were standing just under the porch. I had them face the-3196-2 parking lot with a lot of open light. You can see the results in their eyes. 

Yes, I have used a bi-fold piece of foam board to reflect light back into the eyes. I also use a soft box when I can’t get what I want using available light.  I still think catch lights from available light is BEAUTIFUL!!

You never know what you will see reflected in someones eyes. In one of my daughter’s eyes I can see our van, the tree line, and our car :).  In another – I can see myself…in more ways than one!

Grab a beautiful pair of eyes (and the person that goes with them of course!) head to the great outdoors and try your hand at finding those catch lights. They are well worth the effort!

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