Photography Tips

June is here and so is the heat, bugs, gnats – if you live in the south :), but so are all the joys of summer! Brilliant colors, backdrops of all sizes, and shapes beckon us to bring our camera and create!

I don’t know how many of you are shooting in manual – but it’s a lot of fun and not “the big monster” I once believed it to be! I used to think it was somewhat like some of my higher math classes in high school – just not to be figured out. BUT – that isn’t the case!! After several “black” frames way back when – I am now one of the biggest fans of manual. That brings me to the tip of the month – manual white balance.

Once I got the hang of manual – I was still sometimes frustrated with tonal coloration – until I discovered manual white balance.  If you’ve read this far I’m assuming you are still with me on the subject and have some knowledge of what I’m talking about – so let’s go for it!

Set your white balance to K.  Keep in mind when photographing people a little warmer is always better than bluer or green! The lower the Kelvin temperature the warmer the color tone (1000K) , the higher the Kelvin temperature the cooler the light is.

Indoor Lighting -Incandescent bulbs – Kelvin range – 2000 +

Early morning, dusk  – Kelvin Range – 3000+

Direct sun, noon – Kelvin Range – 5000+

Flash – 5,600

Shade, overcast day – Kelvin Range – 7000+

The above numbers are just starting points and you will need to work with your camera to find what is actually best for you and your composition.


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