Kimberly ~ Senior 2011!!

Have you ever met someone who made you smile from the get-go? I felt that way about the family I was with most of the morning this past Saturday! Kimberly, a soon to be graduate, has a smile and sweetness about her that is SO contagious!

I absolutely LOVE photographing people like this. While I long for the beach – she was thrilled to be in the mountains with the amazing fall colors. We were truly blessed with a beautiful day for pictures and walking through Table Rock State Park!

Kimberly’s sister Elizabeth was home from college for the weekend so we were able to get some shots of them together. You know I’m all about sisters! I can’t imagine the day when mine are “coming home for the weekend”. It made this time that I spent with them even more special for me.

As we were crunching through the leaves I was hoping and praying that those nasty little creatures who visited us on my last photo shoot had all taken refuge for the winter!

Serious for the moment!

Grace and I both think you’re a sweetheart Kimberly! It isn’t often you run across girls with a genuine sweetness ~ your life shines with it!

Congratulations Kimberly! May God bless and guide you. You are a blessing and blessed.

Thank you for allowing us be a part of your life…we’ve enjoyed getting to know the special person others have told us about (Laura  & Grace Anne).

Shine on~




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