Laura B ~ Senior 2011

We are so blessed to live in the Up-State of South Carolina. I love our mountains, our parks, but most of all I love the friends God has brought into our lives during the time we have been here.

Laura is one of those sweet people who came across our path several years ago when my Hannah started in her first orchestra. Laura was a welcoming smile to a new face and soon became a good friend.

I have so many memories of Laura, but I think what stands out in my mind about her the most is her consistent warmth of personality and care of others. She laughs heartily, plays the violin with passion, is an amazing artist, but most of all she is a loving person.

This year every senior session has held some special memory! Some…not so good  – like the snake! Some…rather funny. Some…an obsticale to overcome like the gnats at Laura’s session.  We had a beautiful day! I thought it was going to be cold – it wasn’t. The colors were incredible at Falls Park. I knew when Mariah and I got close to the park we had a problem. When we walked across the bridge and down into the park – it was AWFUL! Gnats in our mouth, eyes, nose…you get the picture!

Despite the gnats, we enjoyed our afternoon with Laura and her mom so much! With the exception of the impromptu actors (very bad indeed!) who gave a side-show right beside one of our shoots, we all were able to relax and enjoy the beauty of the day and shared friendships.

Laura, I know that your strength and trust is in the Lord! I still laugh when I envision you moving that light pole! Who knew you had it in you :)! I think we can all say as your Senior year comes to an end…we KNOW you have the strength it takes to overcome in this life, to be all that God has created you to be ~ uniquely Laura!

Continue your passion for your art, your music, your photography, but most of all let the FIRE burn brightly for Christ!

Congratulations Senior~



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