Emily…Class of 2011


College graduate. 





So many decisions wrapped up in so few months. Years of hard work, late nights, too many energy drinks, papers, and finals; one more semester and it will all be behind her. College, that is! 



I am so thankful to be able to call this college senior mine! I’ve asked her to carve out time for a photo shoot for months. This semester has been full to the brim.  Yesterday we grabbed a few hours in Easley and I was a happy mom! 


More than capturing her sweet face, I LOVED spending the afternoon talking with my soon to be 21-year-old. In spite of my quirky driving skills and leaving her phone on the railroad tracks, we had a typical mom-daughter time. One that was filled with laughter, good conversation, and so much love! I absolutely cherish these times. 


Matt and I were talking this morning as I was getting ready to write this post. Emily has studied the Word of God diligently for years. She has been an obedient daughter. Her heart has truly been to know and follow the Lord. We have been so very blessed. In the past few months it has been interesting to see  how God has worked in her life. There has been a deeper level of submission. In her own words, “a  greater need to walk in dependence on the Lord moment by moment.” 

There are many questions that follow the end of college days. Trusting God to provide direction and wisdom…waiting and not running ahead…finding the best not just what is good – life as an adult. 



Sweet Emily, when you were little I sang Trust and Obey as I rocked you to sleep at night. I’ve watched you life that out over the years. I see a young woman with a passion for Christ, someone who has made the hard choices, someone who is patiently waiting for God to open doors one step at a time. Because His word says it – I am absolutely confident that He will complete the good work that He began in you. 

Daddy and Mommy are blessed beyond measure ~ we love our brown-eyed girl! 




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