A Visit With A Friend

Ethan was the first guy brave enough to let a mom of 4 girls shoot a session for his portfolio.

He has done really well since that first session several years ago…that might be a bit of an understatement!

We had a great afternoon in downtown Greenville getting a few shots to update his portfolio. As we were taking pictures and different people were watching (some following from location to location), I remembered the man from our first session who stepped out of his shop and asked Ethan, “Are you famous?”.  Too funny! If they could see the pics on Ethan’s cell phone and the people he’s been hanging out with these days that dear man would laugh too! The great thing is, Ethan hasn’t changed.

He is still fun to be around, easy-going, caring…and a bit quiet at times.

I’m just going to post a few of the black and white pictures that are my favorites.




This last picture is a little more fun. Yes, I actually did take pictures of Ethan smiling! Even this last one has a hint of a smile.  Face to face, he smiles most of the time – but these are the pics that I liked best…today!

I don’t know when our paths will cross again, but I have no doubt when they do, there will still be laughter over the hated reflector, relaxed conversation, and a great guy continuing to do what he loves best.


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