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Twist and Tweak…makin’ it work!

There is so much talk in the photography world about finding your “brand” and knowing your style. Over the past months several clients as well as my family have all used the terms “reality with a touch of dreaminess”. I think that pretty much sums up Beyond Beauty Photography. This past week I had a […]

Sweet Summer Days

A happy heart does good like medicine! The summer of 2010 is flying by so quickly. There haven’t been too many days to kick back and relax – especially relax by the pool! But after a grueling day yesterday, morning Doctor’s visits, running errands, and getting prepared for tonight, we took a break and headed to […]

As My World Spins

What a week last week turned out to be. I can’t honestly say that it was one I ever want to repeat. I learned a lot about myself. As a home school mom, Pastor’s wife, photographer, and counselor, I stay pretty busy  – last week I tacked on another 40 hours of a temporary full-time job. […]