Jared…Senior 2011

How amazing would it be to travel overseas and play soccer between your JR and SR year in High School? No more amazing than the character I’ve seen emerging as I’ve gotten to know this young man through a series of photo sessions.

I’ve typed and erased several lines as I’ve tried to put into writing my thoughts about this session. The more I’ve gotten to know Jared, the more I’ve grown to respect him. I’ve always thought of him as a kind, thoughtful person. Here are a few other things I’ve noticed about him.

He is:




     Committed to Christ




This session(s) will FOREVER be etched in my mind for several different reasons. One – we were actually locked out of the place we were supposed to take pictures the first night (never had that happen before – hopefully it won’t ever happen again!). If that had not happened we would not have gotten some of my favorite shots and most fun memories from the shoot. We actually climbed around the gate, tromped through the field, battled the weeds AND bugs, took some not so romantic rose pictures, and ended up with wonderful walks down the lane!

Jared and Grace have quite a story – but it’s theirs to tell so I won’t post it on a blog! It is a riot to be with them. I can’t tell you how much I laughed even while I edited their pictures.

Our second session started with a bang. Jared found a snake (which we at first thought was dead – I still didn’t look – I get really ill – and I do mean sick – when those creatures are around) laying on a grill beside the stone ledge where we were going to take the very first pictures of the session. As we began taking pictures, my daughter mentioned that the snake was no longer there! YIKES!! I was sick!! Jared found the whole situation rather funny – I guess in the end we all did!

That’s life isn’t it. You make plans, you change plans, you adjust, you aren’t happy with something, you learn what you fear isn’t all that bad (as long as you can’t see it – just teasing), God gives grace each step of the way!

Congratulations Jared! I know you are seeking God’s guidance and charting a course that will have a bright future for you! I am so thankful I had the opportunity to get to know you better and the privilege of sharing in your Senior Year!

Many Blessings~



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