It’s a Birds Life

Last year a friend invited me over to photograph hundreds of tiny hummingbirds in the fall of the year.

This year my Senior in college is taking ornithology to fill out her requirements for graduation. So we’ve kinda had birds on the brain!!

I enjoy watching them fly in and out of the bird feeder behind our home and finally decided I was going to spend an hour or so meeting some of my fine feathered friends.

We’ll start out with the Tufted Titmouse…a cute little bird.

just checking to make sure I was a friend and not foe :)

I guess he decided I was safe enough 🙂


For some reason these little birds didn’t seem to have any problems with me being so close to them. Joining the Tufted Titmouse is a Carolina Chickadee – and I have no clue what the other little guy is!

I'm starting to like this picture thing!


What are we talkin' about?


The little guys above are always around. They don’t appear to be very fearful either. I don’t know if they are smarter or….

Haha, after I came in a Emily brought out her field book I found out that my little guy above isn’t a guy at all – she is a female Northern Cardinal!! Brave Woman!

Finally, after waiting for almost an hour and plastering myself up against the house – I started to see some other birds! The Male Northern Cardinal decided it was safe enough to visit along with the notorious Bluejay.

This guy flew in looking all regal and in charge.


This one has about had it with me...time to let them be!


When you still yourself long enough to hear birds speak their own language – it’s amazing how many different sounds you hear! I have two woodpeckers on either side of my backyard. They seemed to be pecking out code to each other.

Like most of life it comes back to slowing down long enough to enjoy the beauty around us. Emily’s ornithology class may inspire us all!

Singing with the best of them today!



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One Comment on “It’s a Birds Life”

  1. Norma Teagle
    February 11, 2011 at 7:08 pm #

    I really enjoyed this post (not that I don’t enjoy all the others)…but birds are one of my passions & keep track of all my different visitors. I have feeders out as well and when I need to just ‘chill’, I go and sit, watch, and listen to the birds and thank God for His beautiful creation. Yes, they have a language all their own, and their serenity at the feeders just seem to erase all the ‘busyness’ of why you went there. They seem to exude a peace and calmness… saying God provides for us and He will you too.

    Great pics as always!

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