Bits-n-Pieces Week…5 :)

Week before last was really a week of bits-n-pieces! I took a lot of pictures but most were of Allstate weekend. This week I tried to find signs of Spring! They are actually out there – my rose bushes have buds on them, as well as a few other little shoots coming up out of the ground. I have to admit most of my flowers came from the hot-house! Still, I loved editing them and dreaming of warmer weather.

Here we go!

#30 – left over from Grace Marie’s b’day, you can actually see this tulip reflected in one of week 3’s pictures. Care to go on a  treasure hunt? I will admit I do not have a green thumb – this beautiful tulip was left too close to the fireplace and is now…not so beautiful :(.

#31- I would love to take beautiful pictures every day, but that just isn’t out life! With 5 women in the house, getting ready to leave the house is almost like a dance in the large bathroom. If we are in a rush – it looks like a tornado just blew through! It’s our life most days – so now you know. (Everything does have a place – and stays there – MOST of the time!!)

#32- This past week a very dear friend of our family passed away at the beautiful age of 95. Her family sent a bouquet of flowers to our church.  Aunt Dorothy’s life touched so many by her faithfulness and passion for Christ. I remember sitting in her home, listening to her gentle laughter, hearing her precious voice, and knowing what a mighty warrior sat before me.

#33- I have the most awesome privilege every Wednesday night of teaching 1-6th grade children. This week we were getting ready to take pictures for a project. This little girl is just one of my sweet treasures. I love to watch her face as she learns. I love that I’ve gotten to watch her grown over the years. Love my kids!

#34- I love winter, but I’m truly  ready for Spring breezes. I knew I was going to fill this weeks post with as many flowers as I could find. Aren’t you ready for the blossoms! Soon my garden will be covered with these little daisies.

#35- Our family is a family of readers (almost all of us). Matthew jokes about being the only college student to get through college without reading a book. Now, he is always reading something. We enjoy new books but we have a large collection of old books. The language is different from what we speak now. The morals are definitely stronger that most reading material on the market today. Over the years one of my FAVORITE family past-times has been times when we’ve read a book out loud – together.

#36- Saturday as I was scouting the great out-doors for flowers, I actually did find some buds! However, up on the hill behind our house I found these little white flowers. The wind was blowing quite a bit, making it hard to get a clear picture, but I liked my tiny left-overs from fall.

One of the things I have loved about photography from the beginning is finding the beauty in things you would normally pass by.

Happy week…



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