“A Love Worth Waiting For!”

Good Morning! I hope your week is starting out great! I have a busy one lined up so I’m lovin’ starting my blogging week talking about… love.   

Many of you met the Beggs family last week. A year ago this past Saturday their oldest daughter, Lyndsie, married the man of her dreams, Daniel Brooker.   

Daniel & Lyndsie ~ celebrating their 1st year!

Some of you have followed their story through their blog,  A Love Worth Waiting for @ http://www.danielandlyndsie.blogspot.com/. I keep this link on my side bar…I love them just a tad :).   

It would be  hard for me to try to put into one post what I have watched in the lives of this young couple over the years. They have been such a blessing to me and so many others. Not because they have had a fairy tale romance. Theirs has been far from that kind of story. They have walked through valleys many couples who have celebrated years of marriage will never know.   

Here ARE a few things I see in them that I think every young couple – or young person waiting on God to bring that special person into their life can learn from.   

*Through every season of their journey I’ve seen them desire God’s glory above all.   

*I’ve watched them bathe major decisions in prayer.   

*I’ve watched Daniel be the leader, protector, and provider from…(well, to be honest, I can’t think of a time, since I’ve known him, when he wasn’t planning and working to provide for Lynds) but the leadership and protector really ramped way up when the “I do” was said!   

*I’ve watched Lyndsie make their home into a sanctuary. Her honor and respect for Daniel is genuine and radiates!   

*They love freely…when you are in their presence – you always feel like YOU are their best friend.   


Where does that ability come from – the ability to love so freely, the ability to love each other, the ability to trust God when the path is uncertain? It comes because they live their life by the Life of another – Jesus Christ.   

They are learning at an early age what it is to find their completeness in Christ. It gives them freedom from self. Freedom from demands. Freedom to give. Freedom to forgive. Freedom to trust.   

From the crew at our home…Happy Anniversary, We love you guys!!   




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