Back to the Beginning~

I remember the phone call so well. “Sheila, Becky just called me and really feels like God is leading her to go to Utah…for a mission trip, will you please pray.” We did pray!

Becky was like one of my daughters. My four girls  thought (and still think) the world of her. She was a friend to our oldest daughter and as a teen, loved to mother our babies!  Like I said – family!

When Beck had surgery  in high school, I went to the hospital to pray with her – instead, I remember hugging her and crying. God knew the cries of our heart at that time. I also had the wonderful privilege of staying with her and her mom during the hospital recovery. Memories…oh, the memories that I wouldn’t trade for anything. :).

All that to say, WHEN, the phone call came AFTER the mission trip telling us about  MATTHEW JONES – we all had tons of questions!! Matt soon put all those questions to rest and won everyone’s heart.

I remember the first time my Matt and I met Becky and Matt at a Cracker Barrel in Atlanta for pre-marital counseling – we walked away knowing that those two were meant for each other. Matt Jones only had eyes for Becky Ramsey and God in his time had brought them together. God had indeed called Becky to Utah ~ for such a time as this!

The weekend of May 29, 2004 we headed back to Albany to meet the entire Jones family, and celebrate as my Matthew performed the wedding ceremony, I was to direct the wedding, and take black and white pictures (last time I directed and took pictures!!). 

It was a weekend we’ll never forget!

  • A wonderful Tea Party Bridal luncheon~
  • Decorating for the reception ~
  • Following a concrete truck~ (concentrating on wedding plans – not driving!)
  • Strawberry juice on white dresses 😦 ~
  • Sooo, much fun with the wedding party~
  • Girls sneaking food from the guys sandwich platters~
  • Crazy bunch of groomsmen~
  • Sisters crying over exchange of cards~
  • Grace Marie NOT watching the wedding kiss~
  • Fearing that a candle was going to catch one of the flowers on fire~
  • Trying to get Katie’s attention – only to realize I must look like a loon on the video Jason was filming~
  • So much love poured out by Matt and Becky and toward Matt and Becky!







As I was posting this picture I noticed the sign on the pole beside the car – the top of it says, “Hero”. I can’t read the rest.

Hero is a good word that comes to mind as I finish out this post. They come in all shapes and forms. Beck found hers in a young man who was/is dedicated to spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ. Yes, he was miles away from all that she had known as “home”, but for the past 6 years they have made their life together…home.

Three years ago God blessed them with a sweet little angel – Ansley. That pregnancy was a test of faith and took Matt and Becky through long nights of darkness and testing.

Today, they are facing the same trial. This time we know there is a son. Beck is a little over 19 weeks and has been hospitalized once with contractions.

HE who began a good work in Matt and Becky’s lives will complete it. They need our prayers now – while I have watched as they have been poured out for the lives of others – it is now that we need to stand in the gap for them.

They are a beyond beauty in their love relationship – both to each other, to those around them, and to their Savior.

Happy Belated Anniversary Matt and Becky – you are loved and cherished – and lifted up before the throne of grace.

In Christ, Our Life,

Matthew, Sheila, Emily, Hannah, Grace, & Mariah

*I know this is a photographer’s blog – we won’t even talk about what kind of camera I took these pic w/ 6 years ago :). They were taken w/ love and I’ve learned a lot since then!!


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One Comment on “Back to the Beginning~”

  1. Matthew Jones
    June 22, 2010 at 3:42 pm #

    Just read this today…love you guys so much! Thanks for being there. Ansley and I have been saying prayers for your family at bedtime lately.

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