25 Years and Still Lovin’ It!

Once upon a time a little over 26 years ago…he said, “Will you marry me?” I said, “Yes!” Who could have imagined what the following years would hold.

We have laughed so many times as we have looked back over our first year together. I don’t know how we survived it. There were times I thought we were going to kill each other. I was soooo, head-strong and independent. He was so used to living life on his own schedule. God has  had to use a lot of sandpaper in our lives and at time it felt as if He was using the Heavenly sledge-hammer as well!

It has been worth every moment and more.Times like these cause us to stop and think of the many blessing God has given us along the way.

Our four daughters are in every way a blessing and joy to us. Many of you know that for years before Emily’s birth we thought God was not going to allow us to have children. It was a lesson in learning to place our desires on the altar and allowing God to bring to life His plan – simply put – surrender – completeness and contentment in HIM alone. Just when we were ready to walk away from parenthood – Emily Nicole was on the way –  only God!

 The prayer warriors that have covered our marriage and home so faithfully, some of whom have gone home to be with Jesus in the past few years such as Matthews mother, Janet Danuser, and our faithful counselor and friend Del Fesenfeld Sn., are counted as treasures to our heart.

Friendships that have enriched and sharpened our lives over the years are gifts from the Lord. We have much to celebrate – and celebrate we have for almost a month!

We were at youth camp the actual day of our 25th Anniversary! What a great way to share our special day with an entire host of special friends. Just this past Sunday our church family gave us an anniversary party. It was so special – because of the time and love that went into planning and putting everything together. Here are some of the pictures from that day.


Anna Feith and her mom made our Anniversary cake. It was so BEAUTIFUL! What a gift of love!



I hope we get to do this again in another 25 years! Thank you Emily for taking pictures for us!

Mrs. Thalyia made a “Silver Dollar Tree” for us. She gives and gives…and then gives some more! I don’t think she went home the night before until about 4:00 a.m. The base of the tree has 25 silver dollars hand-sewn around the tree pot. There are also 25 silver dollars attached to the tree. We really do/did feel celebrated!

Three sweethearts that were sitting with us during the meal!

Matthew also celebrated a BIG milestone this year! He turned 50 four days after our 25th Anniversary! Janice Merck did a great job on this cake! Mariah LOVED it!

Thank you so much to everyone who made our special celebrations days that will be so memorable to us. We love you all.

~and the celebrating continues!




One Comment on “25 Years and Still Lovin’ It!”

  1. Norma Teagle
    July 27, 2010 at 8:51 pm #

    May the celebrating continue always…we love you and thank the good Lord for you both and for your beautiful girls.

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