Morning Mist


 My oldest daughter kept telling me about this beautiful view she saw each morning on her way to college. I decided to I needed to make the trip at 7:30 a.m. and see for myself. 

Like the sunrise and sunset, this ethereal view dissipated quickly once the sun came out in its brilliance. Still, it was worth the trip to try to capture the moment. 

The location is on 133,  Crowe Creek Access, Keowee Inlet. The view below is on the opposite side – down by an access area. Pictures are pretty, but do not do this view justice. I love the way the mist divides the tree line and the water.

seeing double?


One of my dearest friends in Albany, GA often uses the term when putting things into perspective, “It’s not eternal”.  The mist however beautiful, certainly reminded me how quickly things pass away – how fleeting the moment can be on this earth. I love the scripture that says, “Teach me to number my days that I may apply my heart to wisdom.”  Psalm 90:12. 

from across the bridge - another view

 Mornings like this make me want to take hold of those fleeting moments and hold on to them as long as possible. Not waste them with bitter thoughts or angry words, but fill them with love, laughter,investing in the lives of others,  things that count for eternity. 

Just a side note on something that may help you busy folks organize your “moments” a little better! I’ve recently run across a great blog site called Home Sanctuary. Since is a tad quirky about its links (and that’s about my only grumble – otherwise they’re great!!), here is their full link: It will help us stay on track at home so that we are free to invest in those things that are eternal. 

Enjoy those fleeting moments, they pass so quickly! 



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