August Challenge

Hello blogging world – Summer has been a vacation from computer time for me as well as other areas. HOWEVER, Summer is coming to a close (please bring cooler temps!!!), and it’s time to get back in the swing of things. I have challenged myself to shoot every day in the month of August. Made […]

Greenville Scottish Games

Hannah, my second-born, LOVES most things dealing w/ Ireland and Scotland. I think she might drive her violin teacher crazy at times with her added grace notes that gives all her music an Irish sound. For the past several years we have tried to go to one of the Scottish games in Stone Mt. or North Carolina. […]

Emilyrose & Stephen

I remember talking to a sweet friend while I was working out at the Y many years ago. The topic…our daughters. Both had similar names and we both had a heart to see them desire God’s best for their lives. Over the years I’ve had the opportunity to watch as pieces of the quilt have […]

To Everything there is a Season…

Tonight I have been reminded again that things don’t happen by chance.  Two weeks ago due to several different circumstances we cancelled my daughter’s graduation party. Was I sad? Yes. Did I see a greater good come from those circumstances? YES! This week I had two sessions scheduled for the first of this week. Due […]

Days Gone By...

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