The Joy of Beholding

The greatest joy of a parent is beholding.

Beholding each step of the journey as your children become who God lovingly created them to be.

You love them as babies. You laugh at their antics through their toddler years. You talk, laugh, and cry with them through those awkward stages. You talk to yourself  at times trying  to help them “sort it all out”. If we are smart, we stay in constant prayer for these blessings God has placed in our lives.

Many years ago, Matthew and I were begging God for children. After many Doctor’s visits and much counsel from well-meaning friends – I was fully convinced this area was a part of my life I needed to totally release to the Lord and STOP trying to fix on my own.

I know everyone’s journey into motherhood is special. Every time I look at my children I see the hand of the Lord at work in such a mighty way. I don’t believe part of the path I traveled is appropriate to share on a blog. I do know that God brought them to our family in His perfect timing. 

First was the precious miracle of Emily. One miscarriage and 5 years later Hannah blessed our home. THIRTEEN MONTHS later Grace Marie was the most wonderful surprise of my life. All of the begging, pleading, prayers…and God just gave us an amazing gift.

Grace Marie is 15 today! I am still surprised by her so often. Last year she began her own baking business ~ Graceful Delights ~you can find her on Facebook!  She has a will that is incredible! She decided to stop eating refined sugar – and is now approaching her 17th week without it!

I’m so thankful for the wonderful opportunity to BEHOLD her life moments.

I’m off to celebrate with my sweetie!!



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One Comment on “The Joy of Beholding”

  1. Norma Teagle
    January 24, 2011 at 6:12 pm #

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY SWEET GRACE! Sheila, I loved your writeup…as always it is from the heart and includes life experiences. Those of us who know your family are very blessed by that friendship. Both Ed and I celebrate, with you, Matt, and her sisters, the joy of Grace’s birthday.

    Love each of you,

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