SC Baptist Allstate 2011

Hannah and I enjoyed a beautiful weekend in White Oak, SC while she attended the SC Baptist Allstate. By the time we left we were physically wiped out – but spiritually challenged.

I love my family! I love when the group gets to hang out together. I love when I get to spend one-on-one time with each member of my family. This weekend gave Hannah and I a lot of time together. 

I have to confess I’ve been a little stressed (I know shame on me – waiting and trusting is still a growing process) lately. The trip down was like a balm to me. Listening to Hannah share what was going on in her life and what she was learning, riding with the sun roof open, seeing a beautiful sunset…perfect!

You’d think with hundreds of teens running around that the place would be wild. It wasn’t! They didn’t have time and they were pretty focused on the task at hand. That isn’t to say they didn’t have fun!!

Friendships were made, music was practiced and then practiced some more! One of the things we both enjoyed was the worship time at night. Great lessons from the life of David.

I had to take this picture – just for fun! When you see the picture clearer and bigger – you get a comical reflection. These guys were NOT being comical in their rehearsal. For a group to come together on Friday night and play as an orchestra Sunday morning they worked HARD!

Allstate consisted of three different groups. The Praise Band (pictured above), the orchestra, and the chorus.

Sunday morning had us setting the alarm for 5:30 a.m. wake-up times. Buses left for various churches by 7:15 a.m. Brief rehearsals began around 9:00 a.m. WOW – we were all needing toothpicks for our eyelids by mid-morning! FBC Chester was the orchestra’s morning destination and the main destination for our entire group later in the day. We were so blessed by the kindness of the sweet folks in Chester!

Okay, I have to tell you, there was the most precious little chubby newborn there! Her little face was absolutely adorable – and you know me…I was thinking why do I live so far away :(!!!! Now that I’ve had that detour – back to Allstate – I just had to share – I still think about that little cutie! You know you other photographers do that too – you see someone and think I want to take your pictures!!!!


When concert time came at 3:00 p.m., there was standing room only for a great afternoon of inspiring music and worship.

I thought Hannah would collapse and sleep all the way home. She didn’t doze off once. We shared our thoughts about the weekend, laughed over memories, Hannah will never forget the ropes! As we waved goodbye to Annie Kate and her family – who were gracious enough to lead us out of who-knows-where, we were so thankful for new friendships.

I’m going to back-track just a little as I close. Saturday morning after Hannah left for practice, I wanted to get some pictures of the big globe in front of the conference center. The sun was in perfect position to capture great flares coming through the globe. My oldest daughter saw these pictures and reminded me that what the world needs is Son Flare. 

Allstate weekend was about so much more than a group of teens coming together to perform a concert Sunday afternoon. I believe all of us walked away knowing that God wants to use the talents He has given us to SHINE in this world.  

All for His glory,



Krista or Annie Kate – if you guys read this or if you know how to get in touch w/ Lucy – email me at w/ your address. I have something to send to you.


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