Once a Week ~ Bits-n-Pieces…post 1


Here it is the official beginning of my Once a Week post  from a modified picture a day! There is just no way I could post once a day – so this is still an attempt to cover the year in pictures – while maintaining my sanity!!

Each week I’ll post a collage with numbers and give a brief description. This is personal – but I’m going to post it here on the blog. There may be days I decide to post a certain day’s pics on their own post – you never know what is going to show up. I will try to always put up a once a week post!

Here we go for post 1:

#2 -Starting the year out so typical of the Danuser clan – Mariah was playing basketball in the rain…and I had to capture a few shots (under an umbrella – of course!).

#3- The Word of God! We are reading through the Bible as a family this year (again). I think the girls are getting more out of it this time. I love this time together – you would too if you were a fly on the wall at our home during this time. You WOULD NOT believe some of the questions that come up!

#4- Emily bought me this beautiful clasp bracelet for Christmas. I caught the sun reflecting off one of the gems and….well here it is!

#5- I really have had a hard time getting motivated in areas of creativity this year. There is so much swirling around us. However, Wednesday night after church I decided I was going to try something I saw on Clickin Moms. I literally worked up a sweat trying to get this shot – but the satisfaction of coming away with something close to what I wanted was worth the effort!

#6- One of our dear ladies from our church called and asked if I could come take a picture of a group from Southern Wesleyan University as they raked leaves around her mountain home.  She LOVES pictures – but her camera would not open for some reason. This was a fun, quick couple of pictures of a great bunch of young ladies!

#7- Yes, the holiday’s are over, but it is still nice to have a wonderful smell in the house. These candles from Bed, Bath, and Beyond smell wonderful!

#8- The girls laughed when I took this picture today! The fact is, we are getting ready for a HUGE snow storm! At least 2-4 inches!! You wouldn’t believe the store today. I came home with a load of groceries – mostly things that would tide us over if we lose electricity. I very seldom buy white potatoes anymore – but they were on sale  so I actually bought them for the first time in over 6 months – AND I needed a picture :)!

Here’s hoping to some white inspiration this week! If you’re taking a picture a day…enjoy the journey as well as the challenge.


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2 Comments on “Once a Week ~ Bits-n-Pieces…post 1”

  1. Norma Teagle
    January 8, 2011 at 10:22 pm #

    Great pictures as always…go girl…potato salad, scalloped potatoes, hash browns, and loaded baked! They are full of potassium and vitamins!

    Have fun–love ya!

  2. SheilaDBBP
    January 9, 2011 at 2:54 pm #

    We may be roasting them over the fire :)…I guess if it gets bad enough we can build a fire and bury the potatoes to cook them lol! I think we may have a house full if Papa and Aunt Mary come to stay with us – so the candles and food will all go to good use!

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