Hummingbirds make me smile!

A neighbor down the road…just a way (if you’ve ever visited us, you know everyone is a bit away from us and our mountain home), has told me about her hummingbirds. She called yesterday to let me know that they are out in full force. She wasn’t teasing. Two of the girls and I arrived Tuesday morning to find her back porch swarming with tiny hummingbirds.

I have not tried to capture images of anything buzzing around so fast and furious – it was a major challenge. I started out trying to shoot in automatic focus. It quickly became apparent that AF was not going to work. There was too much in the background and the hummingbirds were too fast, so I switched to manual focus and hoped for the best!

With that in mind – these are not National Geographic pictures, I’ve seen much better as I’ve looked on the web gaining information on the little birds – but I had a great time trying to capture the motion of such active creatures.

Here are some fun facts about Hummingbirds:

  • Most hummingbirds flap their wings about 50 or so times a second, faster than any other bird.
  • A hummingbird’s heart beats up to 1,260 times per minute.
  • Hummingbirds fly an average 25-30 mph, but can reach speeds of 60 mph when diving.
  • Hummingbirds may visit as many as 1,000 flowers per day in their non-stop search for food.
  • Although the hummingbird is the smallest species of bird, its brain accounts for 4.2% of its total body weight, making it, proportionately, the largest brain in the bird kingdom.
  • Hummingbirds can live 10 or more years in the wild.
  • You can find this information and more at :



    I love this little bird – I’m not sure why…it just looks happy to me!



    I am so amazed by these birds. They are in the process of doubling their weight in order to make a 500 mile trip. They drink tiny, quick sips of sugared water throughout the day and expend a great deal of energy doing it! Technically, they shouldn’t be able to fly…I believe God delights in such creations. I know I truly sat in awe as I watched and listened as hundreds of them swirled around us. We are ready to become Hummingbird host!

    It’s almost 1:00 a.m. as I finish this post. Thinking about God’s gift of creation to us does make me smile! Coming home from Georgia Sunday night the girls and I watched a beautiful sunset paint the sky as our South Carolina mountains were coming into view. Gifts from my Father. Bright spots along the journey!

    Hum a happy tune today – delight in God’s creation!




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