It is hard for me to even find the right words to start this post. I could journal for quite some time about this special little guy and his family. There have been deep, deep bonds that have knit our hearts together over years and miles. It was fitting that Joseph was my first Newborn Session. His mom, Katie, and Emily have been friends since they were little girls – dreaming of becoming moms one day! 



Watching Katie walk in with Joseph was almost surreal. Holding the little guy and stealing sweet kisses from his yummy cheeks was pure heaven! Every stretch and face – happy or not – was fun to see. Knowing our window of time was short to get to know Joseph as a newborn, snuggling was a priority. 

Day one, yes we actually had a two-day session :), had a wide awake and squirming Joseph. Bless his heart, at the rate he is going, he’s going to be walking really early! Joseph believes in using his leg muscles at every given opportunity. When he is awake he likes to climb…do I see trips to the ER in the future? Just teasing Katie – I’m sure he will not follow in your steps with the broken bones! 

Day two we had a little more sedate baby boy and were able to get some interesting pictures without fear him climbing out of or off of the props. 



It’s been almost 21 years since I held my firstborn – but watching Katie and Chad brought back so many memories. We laughed about Katie checking to see if Joseph was still breathing when he was in his car seat – while she was driving. Her secret method of making sure he is breathing is safe…for the moment! Loving those first days and months of parenting, and yet walking on eggshells at times, praying without ceasing for the life God has entrusted to your care…it can be rather exhausting, not to mention the new sleeping schedule. 


Every morning brings new adventures, a smile, a sound, a story to share, a memory to cherish. The photo above looks innocent enough – besides Joseph trying to climb out of everything, this one will probably be one of the most memorable to me. It took no less than 5 of us working to get it. Katie had to tickle his feet – then he bunched them together – finally…well never mind the finally – we got those little toes! Someday these sweet feet won’t be so sweet, but it will all be part of the adventure called Joseph! 


Joseph, my prayer for you is that your life will be a life surrendered to the Life of Christ. That you will settle for nothing less than God’s best for you. May you be a salt and light in the world around you, filled with discernment, strong in your inner man, walking in Truth, Love, and grace. 

Katie and Chad, thank you so much for allowing me the honor talking these special pictures. We treasure your family. 

Love you guys! 



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