Central, SC…I’ve Fallen in Love!

This summer I had many opportunities to travel throughout the Up-Country of South Carolina. I found myself in meeting after meeting in the little town of Central, SC. Actually, it’s more spread out than you might think at first glance. As I drove through the town day after day I kept saying to myself, “I WILL come back here for photo sessions!”

If you’ve been on this blog at all you know that my summer has been filled with a temporary job – that has not allowed much time for photography. I have been dying to get out and “shoot”! My poor dear girls :)! Heat or no heat, they were such sweet models. I promised no extra lighting, just quick snapshots so that I could actually use my camera.

Soooo, we packed up and headed to Central! Our first stop was the red train – sitting out in the sun – where Mariah and Grace found a snake skin…we were not starting out well.

There are many special little spots that I think will be great to visit for photography sessions in the future. However, when the girls were starting out with sunburns from the previous day, and I noticed they were really red after the first stop – we headed over to the location I really wanted to visit – The Central Roller Mills Building. I love the old building; the mixture of various textures, the rocking chairs, the old scale…it was saying, “Come visit!” Plus, I knew the catch lights would be BEAUTIFUL from the porch!



This was our favorite place of the afternoon! Everyone was fascinated by the building itself. Even though the heat was getting to us, it was worth the trip to get a good look at this place. While we were there Mr. Bobby stopped by to give us a little information on the building. It has undergone restoration since 2008, is used often by photographers, and I think there are possibilities that this beautiful building may have quite a bit of life ahead of it!! If you are interested in learning more about the Central Roller Mills Building you may contact Mr. Bobby @ : bobbyb@centralrollermills.com

Over the past three days I have posted three of my girls school pictures for this year, many of those pictures were taken on the porch of this building. No extra lighting…I brought the reflector, but it was too hot to even take time to use it. All pictures were totally natural lighting – and taken very quickly – it was a tad bit warm. Even under those conditions, you will be able to see this was a perfect place for photographers.

If you’re ever in the mood for friendly faces, a nice town, a great little sandwich shop on the corner, or Mexican food if you prefer, drive over to Central…stop by the campus of Southern Wesleyan and enjoy the day. Take a few  pictures while your there!

Have a great weekend!



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