Follow Thru With Christ

Many, many years ago when Matthew was coaching at Byne School in S. Ga, he held the first ever Follow Thru with Christ Basketball camp for his players. Over the past few years there have been several parents who have approached him about holding a camp – so this year was the trial run for a county-wide Follow Thru With Christ Basketball Camp.

This was not a camp that was a money-making venture for Matt or those involved really. At $25.oo per camper the cost of t-shirts, additional coaches, and speakers were covered. It was however, a great opportunity to invest in the lives of young people for a week. Each day provided not only instruction in basketball skills, but life skills as well.

Tom Hannah, James Kring, and Billy Graham provided support staff throughout the week. Each doing a great job with their group.

James working with the younger group of 8-9 year olds. Matt was so pleased that James was able to completely take control of this energized group and keep things running smoothly all week. These guys had some pretty good competition during the scrimmage games on Friday.


Tom working with the middle-aged group. As each age group moved up the intensity level seemed to move up a notch too.

The whistle blows, play stops, it’s time for serious coaching on how to get out of a trap! Don’t you wish we all had that in our lives…just when we are getting ready to walk into a trap that is going to bog us down, try to steal our joy, wouldn’t it be nice if someone would just lovingly blow a whistle and say…this is how to get out of that trap. These kids wanted to know the answer. They paid good money to be taught. Yet somehow, somewhere along the line we lose that teachableness – and alas – we find ourselves ensnared – trapped.

Billy worked with the older group. I think he probably had his hands full. He had Mariah in his group :), not to mention several of her friends. Seriously, he did a great job keeping a bunch of preteens and teenagers in line and learning all week. The competition level was high among this group – and they loved it!

Thanks so much to everyone who helped make this week a success. A special thanks to the Pickens Rec Dept. who allowed us to host the camp at their facilities. The camp far exceeded what we thought we would have this first year. Maybe we will be hosting the second annual FTWC Basketball camp next year. We will see what the Lord has in store for us.

It’s always good to end a camp with the campers wanting another week! Friday there were some that stayed around to shoot and have fun. By the time we went home – well, the next picture tells it all!

Life is so much more than basketball. In basketball everyone knows when you’re shooting the follow through is KEY! In life the follow through is no less important. If we follow our salvation with a life of self-effort and works we have set ourselves up for a life of failure. It is vital to know that the follow through of our salvation is to live our life by the life of another – submitting to the life of Jesus Christ moment by moment. That’s a lot of life in those sentences…and choosing the right follow through is the difference between abundant life and burn out.

Follow thru…with Christ!




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