Spider-Webbing Anyone?

There once was a photographer who had wonderful ambitions of taking pictures of beauty every day. Things were going well, life planned pretty smoothly and then the tail-spin hit…so much for wonderful ambitions.

I didn’t realize until this past Saturday when I got up really early and visited one of my favorite spots how much I had missed shooting nature pics just for the pleasure of it!

I took pictures of majestic mountains, birds on a dock, a beautiful lake, and other things that interested me. As I was leaving the dock, with a sweet, gentle breeze blowing my hair, I noticed several spider webs. I decided to stay a few minutes longer and look a little closer.

I know, I know, spider webs aren’t usually something to get excited about – I normally try to avoid them. Today, however, I needed them.

I watched as those tiny threads held fast against the growing wind to the railing of the dock and actually cheered in my heart. (Can you tell it’s been a REALLY LONG week!!)

I enjoyed the way the light sparkled on the webs and danced on the water behind them. I’ve seen fancier patterns as far as spider webs go – but I’m still pretty amazed how those little creatures I detest create such a neat maze.

I remember reading years ago about the strength of a web. Saturday morning I needed to be reminded of the source of my strength. My friend Kendyl tells me I “spider-web” pretty well. I go from one subject to another – and string them all together. I think I may be doing that a bit now.

I know so many women with their proverbial plate overflowing with responsibilities. Life demands that we multi-task – and that we do it well. Then comes the strong winds and we, like those webs, are stretched and pulled – sometimes it seems to the breaking point.

But my God has promised, “My grace is sufficient for you, my strength is made perfect in your weaknesses.” He is the master weaver, it is His grace that holds us tight in His grip.

Whether you have a gentle breeze blowing your way today or you’re feeling the storms raging – remember my friend – our Amazing Creator God has you in His web of security ~ safe and sound.

Now, REST IN HIM, then…go have a grand conversation and spider-web to your heart’s content!!



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