Amazing Mother’s Day Give Away @ Savvy Photographer

I know it lessens my chance of winning 😦 – but I have to share this give away, it’s too good to be selfish! The sweet folks at Savvy Photographer have the most amazing give away going on now through tomorrow for Mother’s Day! I have to warn you though, it made me cry!

So check out their site, post a comment and wait to see if you win!

Savvy Photographer @:

Best wishes and to all of you wonderful moms out there…have a great Mother’s Day.

My mom doesn’t remember that I’m her daughter most days. Alzheimer’s has taken root pretty deep these past few months. Our roles have been reversed totally, even my daughters have taken on a different role with their grandmother.

I know the life-lessons learned from this time will impact their lives forever.

Unconditional Love.


Anticipating Needs.

Going the Extra Mile.

Letting go of Self.

I know there are many more lessons to come on this journey. I know there will be grace for all of us along the way.

This morning I was reminded by one of God’s small creations, that life is fragile. That’s a post that is coming later – so I’ll not share all of it today.

If you have a mom – perfect or not – love on her while you can. If you’re not a “MOM”  – there are so many that would love to be loved on and nurtured. Maybe this is the Mother’s Day God is wanting you to step into Spiritual Motherhood and find the daughter you need to be loving as Jesus would love.

Happy Mother’s Day to all you special folks!



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2 Comments on “Amazing Mother’s Day Give Away @ Savvy Photographer”

  1. Norma Teagle
    May 8, 2010 at 1:47 pm #

    Sheila, Emily, Hannah, Grace, & Mariah

    I know you all will grow, and probably very quickly, in this sad experience. Please keep the thought that on that glorious day when we all see Jesus, your mom/nanny will know each of you and will have the biggest bear hugs just for you!

    Love each one of you,

  2. admin.
    May 8, 2010 at 6:36 pm #

    Norma, I’m so thankful for that “ONE DAY” when all will be made right! Cindy Jenkins, the missionary from Barbados posted something today that was a wonderful reminder that this earth is not our heaven! It’s amazing how hard we work to make it just that – heaven on earth. God has set eternity in our hearts!

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