As My World Spins

What a week last week turned out to be. I can’t honestly say that it was one I ever want to repeat. I learned a lot about myself.

As a home school mom, Pastor’s wife, photographer, and counselor, I stay pretty busy  – last week I tacked on another 40 hours of a temporary full-time job. There were mornings I left the house in tears as I tip-toed out of the girls room after giving them kisses in their sleep. I missed the time with my family SO much!

I know many of you work 40+ hours a week and are thinking; get over it Sheila – welcome to my world. So I’ll stop whining and just say, I am a homemaker at heart – there is NO job for me that is as appealing as that of being home with my family. Yes, I got promoted in my first week of work – no thrill. The highlights of my week were waking up to notes from my daughters, a song typed out from my husband to encourage me through the week. I’m just sayin’…those 5 people who gather round my table or in my living room are the delight of my heart.

So what does that have to do with the pictures I’m going to post today – it’s all about family and hanging out together.

We LOVE our SC mountains. I think God moved us to one of the prettiest places. We have beautiful lakes and mountains. THEN, get ready for a date and drive 30 minutes for a great night in Greenville. We have it all! I love downtown Greenville. Falls Park is such a great place. The little shops along Main Street are so quaint and diversified. As much as I like it during the day, it takes on a whole new personality at night!

Matt and I were actually on our way out and coming home on a cool Spring night when I took this picture from the van window. If you go at night, don’t go when you’re in a hurry. Go to relax, ready to stroll, say hello to the friendly folks around you, and enjoy your time. You CAN’T speed through downtown Greenville – life is slower there – even for a city.

I think we see this man and his carriage service every time we are around Falls Park at night. I had his cards to put his info up with this picture…but I won’t tell you the story of those cards. I will tell you this – he is a really friendly driver and his carriages are beautiful!

I think after this past week I need a date night with Matthew Scott or the family – downtown Greenville is sounding pretty good! I can feel the nice breeze, taste a great ice cream cone from one of the speciality shops, hear the Reedy River as it ripples along….don’t you want to go with us. I’m definitely thinking a date night is in order this week!!

Making plans with the ones I love!



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