Just Beginning

Oh the memories that came flooding back tonight as I watched this precious little girl step up on the stage with her tiny violin that looked more like a toy than a real instrument.

We enjoyed hearing beautiful music from seasoned musicians all throughout the recital, but I think the smiles were wide on everyone’s face as this young lady began to perform!

Music has been a huge part of our lives for as long as I can remember. I play the piano (although not well), Matthew is an excellent cellist, all four daughters play either piano, violin, or cello – Hannah tries to fiddle with all three – and would love to learn banjo!

With that said, I can speak with some authority on recitals. We have been to boo-koodles of them! Listened to  hours upon hours of practice, watched perfect performances and great efforts. I am so proud of those who are brave enough to step up to the stage, put aside fears, and perform.

I appreciate so much the teachers who have invested in our children’s lives. Mrs. Donna’s hands had to be ready to fall off last night – she played so many pieces of accompaniment. THANK YOU!!

Mariah & Hannah playing "Holy, Holy, Holy"

Mariah performing "Minuet"

We had a wonderful night. I always walk away from one of my girls recitals challenged to help them reach a new level, blessed by the gifts that God has given so many, thankful that we are able to use the gift of music, and enriched by the lives of others.

Here is one last picture of another young artist. She was so prim and proper as she played her piano piece. Her hands were beautiful on the keyboard; posture perfect! What I didn’t catch with the camera, was the pixie-smile that she sent to her parents just after she finished playing … priceless.

Got to run, volleyball tournament in just a few minutes! Clemson has a Spring Game today, I have a family photo session and we have a volleyball banquet – all in one day!

Life is busy – a good, blessed to be a mom – kinda busy!

Enjoy the music around you today,



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