It’s All In the Details

I know it’s not time for another flower, I need to post a still-life or scenic picture, BUT I had to post this picture! I LOVE it! It makes me think of a sunny, warm, breezy days! It must be the colors :).

I didn’t realize the spots on a lily are raised until I was processing this picture. I am becoming a budding horticulturist!

This has always been my favorite color lily. I love these colors in roses too! Pinks, yellows, and greens – BEAUTIFUL.

I usually take way more than one shot of these photos I’ve posted. One of the other pictures showed up with an interesting bit of detail. I don’t really care for the picture as a whole – but I love the little curly cue!

I have to tell you, as life is getting busier and busier, there are days I”m thinking I’m just not up for a “Beauty Moment”. However, when I find them, I’m so glad I’ve set off on this journey to look for beautiful things. More often than not, what catches my eye and draws me to take a picture isn’t what I find as being the most intriguing part of an object or personl, but a hidden jewel waiting to be discovered.

Isn’t that a great motivation to look beyond the surface beauty and see all the wonderful details just waiting to unfold around us!

Loving those little dots…they make me smile!




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