This is a little sweetheart from one of my sessions last week! She and her sister were absolutely precious!

Even though this was a family session everybody gets their own special shots! “C” as we will call this angel – really was an angel. Most of the time I got BIG smiles and lots super easy cooperation. She sat down for just a spell on one of the log cabin steps, and this is the photo that I love best of the day! Actually, this is the cropped version :), the full photo is cute too – but you know me and faces!! I had to let you see those beautiful eyes up close! And her skin – perfect – except for one tiny mosquito bite on the forehead, which I refused to take out. It was part and parcel of our afternoon.

I guess what I love most about “C’s” pic is that we have a special moment of a beautiful young girl who is at peace with life. Despite the spinning of the world around her – all that pushes young girls to grow up so fast, “C”  is happy to be the little sister.  Right now it’s just her family, a stranger who she has let into her world as a friend – and there is contentment. You can hear it in her laugh, see the ease in which she grabs hold of a loved ones hand, feel the fun when she talks with you. Life is good! Maybe not perfect – but it’s good!

I don’t know who is dropping in to read the blog today, but my prayer for you is that you too will be at peace!

Please feel free to leave comments or contact us by e-mail! We love hearing from you!!

Being Transformed into His Image,




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