An Illusion

Most of you know the butterfly has been a part of Beyond Beauty Photography since we opened our business.  For us it represents the transformed life.

This flower looks so much like a butterfly to me – one of my girls thought it was a butterfly when she saw it from a distance.

One advantage I have over you is that I get to blow these pictures up to a larger size and see the details. The middle of this one is beautiful.

A  life lesson we were teaching the girls just recently deals with the illusion of appearing to be one thing on the outside while not possessing the true character internally. Eventually the true nature a person is revealed. Thankfully, God is in the business of 1) making all things new – a radical change happens when we come to Christ; 2) He continues to transform our lives through the working of His Holy Spirit as we submit to Him.

This flower is beautiful. The droplets of water and combinations of color make it a feast for the eyes. This sweet flower would never dream of trying to imitate a butterfly and soar through the air. It gives the illusion in appearance only.

What can never take place in nature…even though we may be deceived by appearances is totally possible in our lives because of Christ’s indwelling Spirit. II Corinthians 3:18. What was once dead is now alive and free to fly!

Come soar with me today!




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