Single Focused

I never grow tired of photographing my four daughters. You’ve seen Mariah on one of my beauty moments and today you’ll meet my eldest daughter.

As I talked to her recently about where her heart is right now, the areas that she sees God stretching and moving in her life, she shared these thoughts with me.

One: our past failures and successes can not define our relationship with Christ. God wants to have a real and vibrant, growing relationship with us today. Yesterday’s testimony is good – but will not sustain us for today. God wants to meet with us in this moment, pour out His grace and desires for us to seek Him TODAY.

Two: from her study in the book of Ezekiel regarding the building of the wall – the mortar used was not good mortar and had been painted over so that it looked good. The people were pleased with the way the wall looked BUT God was looking for a man who saw beyond the aesthetic appearance into the deeper substance and needs. The lesson God was teaching her was to be a woman who is not so easily charmed or distracted by the glamor of programs – even Christian in name that appear pleasing to the eye, but are lacking in their foundation of truth.

I have worded poorly what she communicated so well. It is a blessing and challenge to be sharpened by your children. Gone are the days of “because mommy said so”. Now, Matthew and I enjoy rich fellowship and conversation with a precious daughter – and friend.

She has set her focus on knowing Him, her Creator, Savior, and Friend.

Stay focused!



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