He Holds the Keys

My husband and I have loved Steve Green and his ministry for many years. His music has been inspiring and challenging through the seasons of our lives.

There are many songs that come to mind during Easter that tell of the cost, the love, the battle, the victory. One of my favorites is a Steve Green song, “He Holds the Keys” written by Jon Mohr.

I’m not going to write many of my own thoughts today – I’m going to share a powerful truth with you through the words of this song.

He Holds the Keys

Death rides blackened clouds across the sky.

The Son of Man lays down to die.

With every pounding blow upon the nail,

Thunder rumbles all through hell.

And from death’s barren womb,

the captives cry,

“Who is there to free us, should He die?”

His grave becomes a door,

He enters in

to face the author of all sin.

Defying death and the grave,

He takes their keys;

and with them every captive frees.

And from death’s barren womb,

the captives cry,


for our redemption draweth nigh.”

For He holds the keys,

He holds the keys

and though we’ve been held captive,

at long last we are free


He holds the keys.


And to all the things that have kept you away,

that keep you defeated

day after day after day,

the heart-ache that nobody sees

that eats at your soul like a cruel disease.

He who sets the captives free;

it is He,

it is He who holds your keys.

For He holds the keys!

He was wounded for the wrongs we have willingly committed. He was led as a sheep to the slaughter – yet He opened not His mouth. Today He lives…He holds the keys to freedom!

Celebrating a set-free life!




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