Winds of Change

I love the line in the Narnia movie when Dr. Cornelius says to Prince Caspian, “Everything you know is about to change”.

Good Friday…

          All that the disciples knew about the man Jesus came crashing to a halt

                    Soldiers – some laughed, some played games, some came to know Truth

                              The crowd: always fickled – never base your opinion of truth on the majority

                                        Satan – who is not all-knowing – fulfilling the prophesy given in Genesis 3:15

                                                  Jesus: a perfect, sinless, willing sacrifice – the Lion became the Lamb…so that all could change

Good Friday, ALL that was known was about to change

It never ceases to amaze me how time, like the wind, causes men, ideas, and battles to drift away. Like our little flower above – they remain for a season.  There is however an unshakeable, immoveable, anchor of Truth.

Good Friday brought winds of change – there was still more to come. There is still more to come.

Our lives are like a vapor – like the flowers of the field. Have you met the God/Man who changed everything – has He changed you.

All that you know can be changed!




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