I have the privilege of posting pictures of things that I think are beautiful. When I saw this older church in another part of Greenville with its purplish looking door, I was intrigued, but even more so as I looked closer at the door fixture.

When I got home and downloaded the pictures to my computer I saw the reflection in the door knob. It isn’t very bright, but it is there.

I happen to know what the inside of this building looks like. Hannah and Mariah’s orchestra has performed there before.  It is beautiful inside and out.

one of the many beautiful windows inside

For today, I’m an outsider, looking at one of the  means of gaining entrance. It’s beautiful, ornate, detailed, sturdy, and serviceable, but it’s locked to me. In it I see a reflection of the world around me – one of blue skies – one of beauty, albeit dim. Still, I know inside there is greater beauty, a place to sit and rest, a sanctuary.

I mentioned earlier having the privilege of posting beautiful pictures. I know this is my photography blog – but I’ve told you many times before it is also the more personal side of who we are in Beyond Beauty Photography.

This week, I believe the greatest privilege I have is to share with you that entrance to beauty, peace and rest isn’t found behind door #1, 2, or 3.  As we come to this Easter weekend – a weekend when we celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ – I challenge you to dig into the facts! To find the Christ!

A great resource and one of my favorite professors at while I was at Liberty University (okay maybe not – he was tough) was Gary Habermas.  He is one of the world’s leading scholars in the area of research on the resurrection of Christ. His web site is:  http://www.garyhabermas.com/.

Find Truth. Truth is not a matter of opinion. Truth is not a majority vote.



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