My favorite colors

This has become one of new favorite beautiful moments pics. Not because of its great composition, simply because of the subject.

I have this pic up on my computer screen saver – big, bright, and beautiful. I love the primary colors in the picture. I love the specks and dots on the pansy, the softness of other foliage surrounding our main attraction for today!

I will tell you this, there is nothing so sweet as a nice gentle breeze, but the tiniest bit of wind is no friend to photography when you shooting this close. Even VR doesn’t help.

Still, it’s been fun to find little treasures each day. I’ve discovered I am not a landscape photographer. At least that is an area I need to work on improving my skill and technique. I’ve also discovered, while these daily beauty post are meant to stretch me in my skill – and keep me shooting each day – which they have, I can shoot what I love, and that is…up close and personal.

I like to shoot portraits close, I like to shoot flowers close – sometimes it’s worth learning to step back and see the bigger picture. Stretch. Grow. Learn.

Stretch, Grow, and Learn with me today!




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