A Family Effort!

If you are new to Beyond Beauty Photography, you might not know that I have been posting a “Beautiful Moments” picture every day – except Sunday for the past week or so. I’m planning to continue posting one of those pictures through the end of the year.

I actually have a game plan – of sorts – for this project! This picture was a lesson in lighting for my younger three daughters.  I took several pictures of these apples in our kitchen with the window open and lights on.The first group of pictures were just an okay set of pictures. One of those is to your right. You’ll see some highlights on the apples and a shadow under the bowl. Overall the picture is dull and not very engaging.  It needs some help.

That’s where the fun begins :).

We pulled out a sheet (it’s always fun to make do – even when there are softboxes tucked away in the basement) and went to work as a 4 girl team.

I didn’t want direct flash from my camera – but needed it to trigger my off camera flash (which was behind the big sheet – which had become a large softbox). So Hannah held a card in front of my flash – blocking the light from the apples. The light from our home-made softbox was the main light that gave great highlights – took away our shadows where we didn’t want them – and gave us depth where it was needed.

That’s the photography lesson for today, no fancy equipment – just a sheet, a speedlight – and 3 willing daughters! The daughters are priceless!!!

The key to this lesson (at least in our home) is to photograph the apples before they are eaten.

One other reason for taking this picture is this. Someone said to me, I wish we had beautiful things around us – my advice – turn the ordinary into beautiful moments. I think my one of my still-lifes will be brown eggs! I’m serious. I think they’re beautiful!!

Have a beautiful day!



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