Deep in the heart of stink :).

Either I just missed them, or we didn’t have Bradford Pear trees growing in S. GA like we have in SC. They are beautiful in the Spring and Fall!

My biggest problem with this beautiful tree is: get a whole group together and you have ONE big smell! I like roses – they smell nice! BUT, in all fairness to the Bradford Pear, I love to look at them from a distance. I  think they are one of the prettiest trees in shape. Maybe another pic in a scenic setting?!?! 

Sooo, I decided to brave the smell and find out what these guys looked like up close and personal – BEAUTIFUL! I decided while I was taking these photos I would plant these trees – despite the smell, if I owned my own home (of course, I’d plant roses near by!).

It was so worth it to get past that one hurdle. I think people are like that sometimes. Oh, they may not stink – literally. But maybe we just don’t click right away. Maybe they chew really loud when they eat (big one for me…I carry ear plug – just teasing).  I don’t know what your hurdle is…but maybe God is wanting you to get closer – to see with His eyes, to care with His heart. There is beauty to be found in a transformed life – Jesus can do that but He has to be brought close.

Are we willing to go deep.




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