In a world full of “quackers”…

This beautiful mallard was floating along so calmly in the lake at Furman University amidst a host of other loud ducks and some other type of bird that sounded like a chicken.

Some of the ducks were comical in their quacking and fluttering about. Some, like the swans, even though they are a beautiful bird to behold, are rather frightening to be around.

I thought of how many times it’s not always the loud, and boastful, even the most imposing that hold our attention the longest…but the steady, the sure, the life that is for others that shines the brightest.

Did I get all of that from this mallard duck – no. The girls and I had a relaxing day enjoying the warm sun and funny birds.

When I’m focused on taking pictures, I tend to observe behavior, which makes me think. And for today I’m thinking back to Johnny Diaz’s song…”There could never be a more beautiful you”.

Don’t go quackin’ around trying to get all the attention.

Don’t try to be the big swan demanding attention – it isn’t better to be feared than loved.

Be who God made you to be. Unique. Beautiful. You!



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