Mariah’s Mad Hatter Celebration


I ALMOST asked for three scoops!

After seeing Alice in Wonderland in 3D last Friday (Birthday gift from Emily), Mariah has had a weekend of celebrating her birthday. The theme has been _____ many more days until my birthday, we get to do this! 

Yesterday was the REAL deal and we decided to visit the Mad Hatter in downtown Easley to complete our Alice in Wonderland Birthday Week. 



The Mad Hatter was a great choice for Mariah’s family party! My mom went with us which resulted in a game of three-way checkers. The food and coffee was wonderful!! The service was excellent. We laughed like crazy trying to figure out a timed quiz they gave us to fill out. When we realized we WERE NOT going to get the answers right, we decided to give them something to laugh about and made up our own mad hatter answers! 


when was the last time you played checkers w/ 3 people??

the "serious" game




we loved the whimsical decorations

 Below are just a few more pics of Mariah that I took before we left the house! 

birthday girl 🙂



Thanks for stopping by to visit. I appreciate you taking time to check in on Beyond Beauty and keep up with what’s happening in our world. 

Enjoy a Mad Hatter day – every now and then!! 




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