Fence Sitting Anyone?

We drive into Greenville at least once a week…AT LEAST :).  This fence line is one of my favorite sites along the way. It’s simple, neat, on a slight hill, and boasts a tree that is majestic in the fall (you will see this one again!).

I find as I continue on this daily journey to post a picture of beauty, I am looking for beauty intentionally. What a refreshing way to approach life – looking to see blessings.

Just after I took this picture, I  headed home to my 5 favorite people. I was singing along with a great song on the radio that I have known for years. A phrase caught my attention that is so amazing, the song said, “Capture me with praise…I will worship You!”

Believe it or not, today is a VERY overcast day, but when I stepped out of the van for this pic, the sun actually broke through for just a few seconds. I got a great shot of cloudy skies, streaked with highlights of blue.  So easy to be “captured with praise”.

I hope you are starting to get inspired to look for your “beauty moments” each day!!

Here’s to blue skies on a rainy day!




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