A Mini Get-Away!

It’s snowing in Sunset (AGAIN) as I type this!! I love the snow…even look forward to being stuck inside for a few days – snug and cozy. BUT, after spending a beautiful day in Charleston yesterday with my family, enjoying the brisk breeze and bright sunshine, snow seems a little out-of-place today.

That is one of the reasons I LOVE photography. It is so cold outside, bleak and grey, but I’ve been looking at blue skies and beautiful sunsets all morning! I have re-lived family laughter, a puppy’s reaction to his first big day trip, our first real taste of Charleston, and so much more (you know the stuff that “if it happens on the trip, it stays on the trip!”).

I took a lot of snapshot pictures until the sun started going down. Even though we had some overcast skies during the day, we had a beautiful sky that night.

Emily and Mariah enjoying the ocean view from the Battery. Emily really isn’t this much taller than Mariah now, she’s up one step. Did you see Polo enjoying the view too?

I thought this was Emily until I looked closer. It’s my Mariah. Totally in love with Charleston. All day long we heard her enthusiasm. Even over post with gum stuck to them!!

Hannah girl is my reader. It doesn’t matter where we go, you will always find a book close by. This picture was taken by design though. I wanted to capture one of her passions in the beautiful light. Too bad we didn’t bring the violin.

Sweet Grace just glows. I know, I know! You guys are thinking I’m really prejudice – you’re right, I am! I love having four daughters. It was getting colder by the second as these pictures were taken.

Emily is really growing in her photography skills! YAY!! She shot in manual all day. I’m so proud of her for working at it. She got some great shots and has a very good eye for a composition.

We stayed until it was dark because I wanted to get a picture of the Cooper River Bridge. It was worth the wait and u-turns trying to find our way back to the dock. Night time turns the ordinary into extra-ordinary! Love the lights on the dock.

Taking this picture was an experience in and of itself. Lesson #1., Don’t try to take a low-light picture from a dock. The dock is moving slightly all the time – esp. when boats go by or other folks walk around! Lesson #2., The dock moves a lot when someone thinks dolphins are sharks – so lesson #1 really applies! Still, I was pleased with this picture. Emily got some good ones too. We did have a couple of friends visit. At first we just heard BIG splashes – then saw BIG dark spots jumping out of the water. Then we heard them “talking”. Somewhere in that time frame Mariah dashed back to the van to inform Matthew that there were sharks in the water! I am so glad we stayed for this picture.  Technical info for this shot: f/3.5, exposure 1/2 sec., ISO 800, exp. comp. +5.

Finally, had to post this one, shooting on manual has it’s down sides. Sometimes there is a shot and you don’t have a lot of time to re-compose so you just shoot. I had been shooting manual focus on the bridge shots. When Mariah thought we had sharks, Matthew came out to the dock. This is the shot of our protector headed back to the other half of a tired crew. Not a sharp, crisp picture as far as the camera goes – but a very clear picture in my mind of a man who takes care of his family.

Plans are already in the works for a return trip!


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