***Snow Treasures***

A Beautiful Quietness

There is such a hush that comes to our mountain when the snow falls. Few, if any, vehicles brave the winding mountain roads. Our home, surrounded by forest, becomes transformed into a place altogether different from any other season or time. My girls always think of Narnia when it’s like this. Thankfully, there are no wars – just peace and contentment.

Because the snowfall was minimal this year I set out to find small wonders. I found many that caught my eye and kept me tramping around carrying an umbrella in one hand and the camera in the other hand.

Here are just a few that I really loved. It’s so nice to enjoy the beauty of simple treasures. I  hope you look for those along your path as you continue in 2010.

This little cabbage is sporting a collection of  ice diamonds. Brings to mind the scripture that if God will clothe the grass of the field, how much more does He take care of us!


This last one…well, it gives you a better picture of who we are as a family! I’m a KY Wildcat fan through and through :)!! My poor husband is a Tar Heels follower 😦  – and he has even talked our youngest daughter into following him in cheering on this team…tsk, tsk! Basketball has been a part of our lives for so many years – I couldn’t resist this picture!

sitting pretty

Happy Treasure Hunting!




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