A Year of Favorites!

2009 has been gone for almost a month! It’s amazing to think we are really in 2010. I ended my year  quietly – with surgery, several weeks of rest, enjoying family and friends through the holiday season and then started the new year with a bang!

I’ve spent the first part of 2010 getting my house in order, literally. We’ve set several goals as a family this year and one HUGE goal was to de-clutter our home.  That task has also meant cutting back on computer time :). It’s kind of like going on a technology diet!!

But everyone needs a break from a diet right??? Today is mine! It’s snowing in SC, I’m listening to Celtic music, and getting some photography work done – IT’S A GOOD DAY.

I wanted to clear the blog and post one section of some favorite pictures from last year before I move on to this year.

So here they are – in no particular order.

Thanks to all of you who were a part of our lives last year – I loved the time we spent together!

A country road…


Beautiful Blue Eyes

Colors of the night

Beauty in the rain

Little Dreamer


A quiet moment


All about Love!

All in the family :).

A wonderful gift- Happy Birthday!

Golden girl!

My Grace

Sweet Brown-Eyed girl!


A reflection of love

A RARE moment of stillness :).

All guy!


Starsburst eyes

Congratulations Kayla

Kendyl & Brad

M & M

Ever so gently

Penny for your thoughts

A day in the park

I understand...totally!

Going places


Join us for tea?


Worth the Wait

Amber & Steven

far away


Wind Beneath our wings



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