Wonderful Waterfalls


Two of the girls and I headed out yesterday to look at the fall color and see some of our local waterfalls after all the rain we have been having. Pressed for time, it wasn’t exactly a long joy ride – but we did really enjoy the hikes, the beautiful fall colors, and the wonderful waterfalls!

Upstate SC is blessed with so many breath-taking waterfalls that are a fairly easy hike. Just NEVER ask our family to find Pig Pen Falls EVER AGAIN!!!! ūüôā

From the time we moved here and started discovering the wonder of hearing the water before you see it cascading down the side of a mountain, one of our favorite falls has been Twin Falls. Yes, we have seen a couple of snakes up there – but if you pick the right time of year to visit – like now, you can enjoy the falls without worry of critters!

We weren’t in the best lighting situation as you’ll see. It was so bright by the time we got there, I¬†only photographed one side of¬† Twin Falls.

The hike up is BEAUTIFUL!  I love the pictures of the little stream flowing over rocks. This place is so soothing.


You know me, I had to snap a few pictures of the girls. Even though it was so bright, the catch lights in their eyes from the rocks and water were beautiful. No store-bought reflectors this time – just God’s beauty!




Below is the right side of the falls – the sun was too bright to do anything with both…we’ll have to hike back up on a morning trip!


The path that leads to the falls is like walking in a hushed, peaceful place. You can hear the water from the time you enter the path. The trees form a bower above that make you want to slow down and enjoy¬†a leisurely stroll (unless of course you’re Mariah – then it’s always full steam ahead). Honestly, there is a such a quietness¬†about this place. Yesterday with the fall foliage it was magical. The sun danced between tree branches, the birds sang- creation showing the majesty of its Maker!



This last picture is from a little waterfall along Hwy. 11. When we drive into NC there are usually folks there selling boiled peanuts.¬†Yesterday it was empty so we stopped. We were immediately swarmed with lady bugs! They were all over the place. We were still finding them on us later that afternoon! Still Mariah wanted to wade into the water…you’ll be able to tell by her eyes what the temperature felt like!


I hope our little trek inspires you to find your waterfall…and enjoy the peacefulness of God’s creation!



One Comment on “Wonderful Waterfalls”

  1. Cousin Charlotte
    November 12, 2009 at 5:56 am #

    Beautiful pictures of a beautiful girl!

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