NGU Homecoming ’09

Matthew Durham coaches at North Greenville University and is a good friend of our family. We love it when we are able to drive up and watch a game. Because of the way the stadium is built, we usually come home with a sunburn – today we came home chilled to the bone :)!

NGU didn’t win, but it’s always fun to pull for a team that you like. We know a few of the players, some of the students, and professors at the University and it’s always nice to see them.

Today was special in that one of Emily’s friends, Keri, who was last year’s homecoming queen, was there to crown this year’s homecoming queen.

I got to try my hand at a few football shots – and I’ve discovered something! Photography is addictive regardless of what your shooting. I like football, but most of you know I’m a basketball girl! Still, I found myself wanting to be ON the field to get a better shot of the action than what I was able to get in the stands!

I behaved myself and stayed where I was supposed to be – yelled for the team – tried not to shiver so badly that the pictures would be blurry!















This sweet little girl was blowing goodbye kisses to everyone as she left the game! Just love her red nose!!


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